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The How-To of Meal Prepping

It may be incredibly intimidating if you don't know where to begin when it comes to prepping for the week. Meal prepping for the week is something that many people want to do but find it difficult to stick with on a daily basis. You can count on us to guide you through this process.

Meal prepping for the week: What is it?

Meal prepping for the week can be done in a variety of ways, but the basic idea is to prepare and cook all of your meals for the week on one day, generally on Sunday or another day when you have free time in the week.

You won't have to prepare anything throughout the week if you have everything ready to go ahead of time. Instead, you'll have a fridge full of ready-to-cook items or whole meals.

A guide to meal prepping for the week

Define your purpose

Understanding why you want to start meal prepping for the week is the first step in making it easy. To be effective, meal preparation must be more important to you than other things you may be doing with your weekend. It does not have to take a lot of time. If you don't, it's going to be really tough to make it a regular part of your life. Consider the following question: "Why do I plan my meals in advance?”

Meal prepping for the week can be the most important thing when it comes to saving money, eating healthily, or spending more time with your family. So, before you begin preparing to give you the impetus you require to begin making it a habit, get crystal clear on what drives you.

Fix the time to prepare meals

The optimum day to prepare things is the day before you begin planning and cooking.

Sundays are particularly popular with those who work Monday through Friday. On the other hand, if you work a different shift or are frequently away from home, Monday night can be more convenient.

The most important thing is to stick to the schedule you've established if you can. Make meal prepping for the week a habit with the aid of this guide. The time spent prepping may also be used to catch up on your favourite shows and podcasts.

Make a meal plan first

Decide what you want to eat for the whole week before you start cooking. Is there anything, in particular, you'd want to cook? Decide how many meals you'll need to prepare for the week before you begin.

Which members of your family are likely to be home at what times? Do you plan to cook three meals a day? How about simply breakfast and lunch?

Some nights you'll dine at home, while others, you'll go out for dinner or have lunch previously planned for the following day. Despite the fact that plans may alter, subtract these meals from your total tally.

When it comes to meals, how many days in a row can you eat the same thing? A little experimentation may be necessary to discover what works best for you when it comes to meal prepping for the week.

All of these aspects will assist you in determining the appropriate amount of meal preparation. Once you've determined how many meals you'll require, you may go on to planning the menu.

Take baby steps

The biggest error you can make as a novice meal planner is attempting to cook every meal for the week at once. In the long run, a strict approach like this might be exhausting. It will certainly feel bad when you end up throwing away some of your food.

Understand that there is no need to prepare a week's worth of meals all at once. In fact, we strongly advise you not to do so! One huge prep on the weekend and one lesser prep mid-week provide several advantages. This approach allows you to satisfy your appetites, consume a wider range of foods, and be flexible in the event of last-minute changes to your schedule.

You only need to prepare one meal to get the benefits of meal prepping for the week. Getting started with meal planning is all about discovering what works best for you! Making only a few meals in advance, which you may eat throughout the week, counts as this type of preparation. You'd be astonished at how much of a difference it can make!

Getting started with meal planning might be intimidating, but if you're hesitant, start with one recipe. When it comes to breakfast, overnight oats, for example, are a quick and easy option. It's as simple as adding your favourite fruits and toppings to our master recipe, and you'll have breakfast for three days!

Benefits of meal prepping for the week

It can be time-saving

You'll have more time at night to spend with loved ones or catch up on your favourite shows if you spend an hour or two on Sunday preparing your meals.

Many of us don't want to deal with a long list of kitchen responsibilities after coming home, so meal prepping for the week can definitely be helpful in these cases.

Preparing for the week ahead of time frees you up to spend more time doing the things you like the most on the days when you're busiest. The time saved by not going to the grocery store or standing in line for takeout or dining out when you'd rather be doing other things is also significant.

It is a healthier option

Cooking more meals at home is an excellent strategy for achieving your weight loss or health goals. You can make your own food, so you are in complete control over what goes into it. Portion management can also be improved by dividing your food into individual serving containers.

Motivated to begin meal planning but still unsure how to implement it into your routine? Book your FREE coaching session now using code "SUMMER22" at checkout!

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