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Stepping into your divine masculine

According to spiritual law, feminine and masculine energy exists in the universe. Finding your own unique approach to strike a balance between the two is an important part of your spiritual journey.

The divine masculine energy thrives on doing things in the actual world, such as having experiences, making change, stating what's on your mind, and taking risks. In contrast, divine feminine energy can be quite introspective. This form of energy is often linked to rational thought and analysis.

As your spiritual awakening progresses, you may begin to wonder about the divine masculine and divine feminine. Read on to find out how to bring out your divine masculine energy.

Start taking responsibility

Keep yourself safe and in good shape. Take responsibility for your behavior. Embrace the idea that your happiness depends on you alone. You need to stop playing the victim card. Being responsible for your emotions, reactions, and actions is essential to reawakening your inner divine masculinity.

Start using affirmations

Affirmations are great for altering one's perspective and stimulating dormant aspects of one's personality. Affirmations for the divine male could center on qualities often associated with men, such as courage, responsibility, and logical reasoning.

Bring out your inner warrior

God's masculine force takes many forms, one of which is the fierce warrior within us. You may think that dominating, killing, or "fighting for peace" are noble goals, but they are not what your inner warrior values.

There is a warrior within you that can help and defend you without resorting to violence. He is unflappable, has keen insight, and highly appreciates honesty, bravery, and personal fortitude.

One way to strengthen one's bond with this energy is to experiment with embracing one's inner warrior.

Take action

Experts argue that it's just as vital to recognize when you're keeping many ideas internal and trying to perfect them before bringing them out to the world as it is to take risks and start where you are.

Leaning on your intuition to advise you when to take action can be helpful, as this is also a feminine approach; just be aware of times when you're overthinking things.

Spend time in nature

Pay attention to the actions of the males in the animals you encounter. Get in touch with your inner caveman to gain insight into the divine male.

To complement the information presented here, aromatherapists and herbalists may want to investigate cypress, cedarwood, sandalwood, and vetiver essential oils and herbs such as licorice root, damiana, and ashwagandha.

If you're into crystals, you might want to add some of these to your collection: a shiva lingam, some red jasper, some green tourmaline, some tiger's eye, some pyrite, some malachite, and some labradorite.

Take risks

The magnificent male isn't afraid to take a risk. If you're the type of person with many fantastic ideas but are too timid to put them into action, then you need the courage and confidence that come from having divine male attributes.

Always hope for the best, but don't get tied to the result. Believe that everything will work out how it's supposed to and pursue your dreams.

Be proactive

Become someone who consistently takes the initiative and provides in your personal interactions (and life in general). Take charge of your life by deciding what you want out of it, then doing something about it. Don't allow inaction to turn you into a slug. Ignite your passion from within, and put it to good use.

Start being assertive

One definition of assertiveness is the practice of honoring one's own space and needs. Being forceful can be difficult if you are an introvert or shy.

Identify your requirements, such as how you react when someone crosses your personal space.

Showing assertiveness calls for bravery, so start small. Learn to assert your demands and values by first being comfortable with the word "no" and never forgetting that you have the same right to an opinion as anybody else.

Be in tune with masculine energy

A guy who is in touch with his male energy takes care of his body in every way possible, from fuelling it with nutritious food to giving it the correct amount of physical activity to giving it the time and space it needs to relax and recuperate.

Divinely masculine men treat their bodies with respect and kindness, treating them with the same love and care they would show to anyone they cared about deeply.

This selfless care and concern starkly contrast to the narcissistic self-love prevalent in today's culture. On the other hand, true self-love is predicated on acting in ways that keep you happy and healthy.

Aim to be an intellectual

A man of strong masculinity is confident in himself regardless of his perspective. He takes pride in his intellect because he feeds it with stimulating literature, insightful self-help classes, timely news, and mind-expanding experiences.

The divinely masculine guy is always learning and improving himself and places great value on his intelligence. He understands that making wise choices, accomplishing one's goals, and experiencing a happy and successful life depend on one's mental and emotional stability.

Start learning about women

Men used to think that if you wanted to be a guy, you couldn't even consider the possibility of being influenced by a woman's emotions. But if you know nothing about the divine feminine energy, how can you hope to support it or connect with it?

Gaining knowledge about women will help you feel more at ease and confident in social situations. It's only because you haven't taken the time to get to know each lady on her own that they remain a mystery to you. Make sure you are inquiring and paying attention.

Encourage others

Motivate others to try confronting their concerns. Respect their method. Let them learn from their mistakes and not have you rush in to save the day.

The essence of divine masculinity is developing and promoting development in others. The highest expression of manly love is encouragement, which is magnificent.

Develop leadership skills

One of the most effective ways to awaken and embody your divine masculine energy is to seize any leadership opportunities that present themselves. That's a great way to hone your manliness and strengthen your manly energies.


We all have our own unique blend of masculinity and femininity, despite the widespread false beliefs about what those terms entail. The divine masculine and divine feminine, like yin and yang, are complementary and always changing; when they are in harmony, we and the world around us benefit.

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