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Letting Go of Someone Who Doesn't Like you Back

Having a crush on someone is a complex emotional journey. On the one hand, like someone and experiencing the surge, the sparks, and the butterflies that come with that effervescent feeling is thrilling. On the other hand, it hurts like hell when you know your sentiments won't be returned.

Sometimes, for whatever reason, it's important to learn how to quit caring so much for a certain person. Certainly, our emotions are not within our control. In any case, this article will provide suggestions for taming your emotions' ferocity. It's a step toward finally being able to let go and go on.

Try to avoid the triggers

One way to quit dwelling on a past relationship is to steer clear of any situations where you could be reminded of that person. For instance, those attempting to move on from a significant other would do well to avoid any activities, locations, or thoughts that can reawaken longings for the departed. From specific tunes to certain places, take whatever triggers are out of your life for the time being to assist you to cut off the fuel for the continual thoughts on this individual.

Be serious and devote yourself to the process

As a first and possibly most crucial step, you must consciously decide that you no longer enjoy this person's company. It's impossible to move on if you're secretly keeping your fingers crossed that things will improve or that your affections will be returned. If you don't put your whole weight into reducing your interaction with this person and suppressing your thoughts about them, none of the below suggestions will help.

Do not continue to follow them on social media

Don't only try to restrict your interactions with them in person but also limit your interactions with them online. Don't text them if you're going through it, and don't look at their social media if you don't have to. Don't put too much pressure on yourself! If you don't want to see their social media updates in your feed, unfollow or mute them.

Do not be emotionally attached

Define your limits and commit to them. If you really must engage with this individual, the best course of action is to avoid intimate or personal conversations, such as those in which you share details about your life, express your emotions, provide each other emotional support, or even flirt. Be kind and nonspecific for the time being. Communicate with them, in the same manner you would with a friend at the gym or the cashier at the supermarket: politely but at arm's length.

Consider taking a break from the relationship

Instead of avoiding this person because the thought of life without them makes you unhappy, consider cutting back on how often you see them for a while. It's not necessary to completely cut off contact with this individual, but you should give yourself some space to heal emotionally before resuming friendship. In any case, the frequency with which you see your pals fluctuates with time. Allow yourself to enter one of these lulls in conversation, and know that you may rekindle the friendship whenever you're ready.

Recognize the many obvious reasons why it would not work

If you're having trouble letting go of a toxic relationship, it can help to sit down and make a list (or talk to a trusted friend) of all the reasons why it won't work out anyway, such as fundamental personality clashes, the potential impact on your other relationships, warning signs you've been ignoring, or even just bad experiences in the past. The individuals we miss the most become our ideals. Furthermore, we fail to acknowledge that our expectations, which we brought into the partnership, were not always met.

Don't get lost in daydreams

The act of ruminating might keep us tied to our own memories, ideas, and emotions. Pay attention to the times when your thoughts drift off to daydreams about your crush when you relive experiences with them in your imagination, think of the things you admire about them or wish would happen, or otherwise become lost in their company. When this happens, the best thing to do is gently stop yourself and redirect your attention. To spend time in our imaginations is to spend time poring through their social media accounts; both activities make it more difficult to quit admiring this individual.

Put your attention somewhere else

Avoid wasting too much time daydreaming or otherwise ruminating in isolation. Instead, put your enthusiasm into something else, whether it's work, a hobby, or some other aspect of your life. Increase your gym time, start meditating, take up roller skating, or work harder. Avoid letting your thoughts wander by keeping yourself busy.

Try to keep the distance

To overcome an affection for someone, separation is essential. Though it may hurt to cut off contact with this individual, maintaining frequent contact will just prolong the grieving process. Exposure to new things and experiences with this individual will serve to reinforce your existing sentiments and provide you with additional "moments" to reflect upon and cherish. Turn off the ignition. Reduce your time spent with this individual as much as you can.


There's no shame in harboring romantic feelings for someone you have no intention of dating. You can like someone quietly and discreetly without taking any action as long as it does not interfere with your capacity to go through your day-to-day and satisfy your own needs and as long as it does not negatively influence this person and their ability to navigate their lives as they wish. Try to accept that you can like someone without having to "have" them. Romantic sentiments are appreciated and meaningful regardless of whether or not they are returned, and we may enjoy someone's presence much while still honoring their space and personal limits.

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